Metal frame construction

Definition: A closed construction consisting of columns and beams (horizontal or steep) and cross brace is called complete frames.

Note: Frame without a brace is called a simple frame.


Construction and assembly of all metal parts are done inside the factory. The construction includes: cutting, initial assembly, initial welding, final assembly, final welding, cleaning, painting, and installation of metal structure at the desired location. In addition to the main parts made, some other parts like bolts and nuts should have been shipped to the location, then installation and final adjustment have been accomplished with the help of the crane and the beam and the necessary tools.


اسکلت فلزی


In the metal structure, the electrode`s consumption is between 1.8 and 2.5% of the weight of the sheet and 2% is used as soft.

Construction of a metal structure in the factory: at this stage, the construction of a construction of industrial shed, including welded or bolts and nuts, is started based on the approved map by the sheet and high quality ironware and determined by the computing engineer in the indoor hall of the factory.


In the manufacture of the metal structure, the material and the welding machines (electrode welding machine, automatic welding machine) and cutting (winding machine, scissors, guillotine, drill, milling, etc.) are important in determining the quality and longevity of the metal structure.


The higher the welding machines are, the more advanced, or preferably the automatic welding, and the electrodes and wires of welding are from standard and reliable brands, the quality of the joints is higher and the structure have therefore more strength. The use of non-destructive tests such as RT and welding inspections are acceptable on the quality of welding sections.


After the above step, the structure of the industrial shed is transferred to the paintbrush for sandblasting and paint work with using a high quality and standard paint and automatic painting devices, paint all structure surfaces with high precision and standard color thickness (micron content approved by the QC quality control section), and after drying the paint, the construction is ready to be loaded and shipped to the location of the construction and installation of the industrial shed.



Preparation, excavation, foundation and underpin industrial shed:

Simultaneously with the construction of the construction in the factory, the stages of ground preparation, excavation and foundation are being prepared at the project site in order to ready to install the construction. At this stage, the concreting and special foundation for installing machinery in the industrial shed is also done according to the use of industrial shed.


Also, if you need to access any consecutive transport machinery such as forklifts and the trailer, flooring and underside of the silo should be proportional to the weight machines and done.


Also, if there is a need for the consecutive transport of any transport machinery such as forklift trucks and trailers, the initial and bottom flooring should be proportional to the weight of these machines.


Types of full frame in metal structure:

  1. Frame with horizontal beams: The metal frame is closed, consisting of columns, horizontal beams and cross braces.

Note: In high metal structure building (at least 3 floors) or long (at least the length of 10 meters) metal constructions are used cross braces.

  1. Frame with diagonal (steep) beams.