IT Information Technology Department

The IT information technology unit, in order to update and advance organizational goals of the company assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Fulfillment of steps of purchase expertise, repair, fix bugs and come in cases in each system, installation of software and required operating system and updating of IT equipment
  • Providing certificate for computer network and IT equipment
  • Implementation of existing systems network layout in the sets
  • Monitoring all available software in systems of units
  • Monitoring of all existing hardware equipments in the factory, such as entry and exit gateway, bascule, Voice IP telephones, equipment for conference rooms
  • Management the website and update and insert news on the site
  •  Matters relating to office automation
  •  Installation, support and control of campus and workshops cameras
  •  Monitoring the transfer of information for CNC machines
  •  The holding of training classes and courses on the software used by the units