Advantages of metal frame construction

مزایای اسکلت فلزی

Advantages of metal frame construction

  1. Save money

To make a cheaper one, maintenance needs are less than other traditional building methods. In addition, 98% of the total metal frame construction can be recycled in new metal products without reducing physical properties.

  1. Quick installation

The precision of steel components increases this process and allows monitoring of management software to be completed earlier.

  1. Health and safety

Structural steel is produced at the factory and quick installation in place of the construction by skilled staffs makes safety construction of steel. Industrial surveys consistently show that metal frame construction is the most secure solution.

In steel construction, noise and dust are too much because steel structure members are produced at the factory.

  1. Flexibility

New applications, loading conditions, vertical spread can change in the future, and changes the owner’s demands in the way that other molding systems cannot do.

The metal frame construction can also be added even when the building was completed in the first several years.

Steel frame is a construction method with a “skeleton” frame made of vertical and horizontal I-beam steel pillars, built in a rectangular grid to support the floor, roof and walls of the building, all of which are connected to the frame. The development of this technique led to the construction of a skyscraper.

The basic structural design process begins with the preparation of a structural concept that is itself based on the architectural structure design. For a simple and common form of structure, continuous design of architectural design is possible – typical solutions have been well understood.

For more complex structures or innovative designs, best method is designing a structural concept along with an architectural design to develop an efficient and appropriate solution.

Steel is ideal for design. The properties of the known materials and properties of the members are accurate, which means that the analysis is accurate. Design rules are clear and mature, with little conservatism, which has been developed over many decades. There is a wealth of support resources, including software, to facilitate efficient design.

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