Bolted metal frame construction

Bolted metal frame construction

Bolted metal frame construction and comparison with the welded metal frame construction


The benefits of making bolted metal frame construction compared to welded metal frame construction

The speed of installation of a bolted metal structure due to the removal of welding is higher than other metal structures due to the removal of the welds and the simple placement of pieces at the installation location and the simple connection of the bolts and nuts.

The quality of construction is much higher with regard to the construction of pieces at the factory location, and under the supervision and inspection to the exact ratio of welded metal structures that made in the location and installed.

Execution speed beside welded metal structures is higher.

Wasted materials in welding metal structures due to the simplicity of joints with increase in the thickness, cross-sectional dimensions and welding can increase the resistance of metal structures. While in the bolted metal frame construction with a greater maneuverability in design, it is possible to use more trusses and naturally reduce the dimensions and thickness of the cross-section.

The Safety and Sustainability of Structure: Bolted metal frame construction on the front of earthquake exhibits better resistance than other joints in metal structures.

Cost Less: According to the designer’s openness in reducing the thickness and dimensions of the parts, due to truss joints and more complexity, it can be expected that the cost of bolted metal structures will be lower than the weld metal structure.

No need for work space: Ability to execute in the busiest and least volume of situations is provided.

Global Vogue: In the US and Europe, almost all structures are bolts and nuts. Unless in particular conditions and less important structures that is carried out in a weld form.

Ability to use in management of events: Due to its simple installation and Setup, it is also possible to move it in events such as flood and fire.

Conventional methods of Connectors:

Each metal structure is a combination of separated members, which must be joined together in the proper way, which includes the following two methods.

  1. Bolted metal structures joints
  2. Welded joints

Among the methods of joint in metal structures, always has been  trust and rely on the engineering and technical bolted joints in metal structures, and according to reports, the most damaged in metal structures during a earthquake are related to weld metal structures. Hence, sensitive joints such as a penetrating barrel to the column at the factory location, and the installation of prefabricated metal components by bolts and nuts. Therefore, in addition to expediting the implementation of the project, the quality of the bolt metal frame structure joints is also greatly improved.

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Bolted metal frame construction

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