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Having its experienced & skilled personnel as well as certificates verified by national & international competent authorities, HadidkaranIran Co. provides its customers & own employers with many services.

سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی

Metal Skeleton

Metal Skeleton is a package composed of columns, diagonal beams and wind-braces. The construction and assembly of metal skeleton is carried out in factory which includes: cutting, assembly and initial welding, final assembly, the installation of metal skeleton at desired location. in addition to the other made parts, some other parts such as nuts and bolts should be shipped to the intended place then, be installed & adjusted by crane and required tools.

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سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتیساخت سوله و نصب سوله

Metal Structure

Metal structure & the application of its Nanotechnology

Due to the assemble ability of the skeleton before installation and need for simultaneous and uninterrupted skeletons- speed in Metal Structures is higher in comparison with the other structures’ speed. Because of the homogeneity of the thyriston and wind-brace as the main members, the skeleton of metal structures contains more appropriate integrity than the other structures. For this reason, the result of structural calculations is closer to the actual resistance of metal structures

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سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتیسوله

Ridge Bents

The sloping metal structures which are produced based on specific technical calculations are called “Gable or Ridge Bents”. Such structures are introduced and named Gable Bents in Latin. Because of mainly industrial application, to build the gable bents are different from the other structures in terms of designing. Especially, Skeletons are highly different in these kinds of structures and have slope. Also, their openings are bigger than the

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سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی
Space occupancy

In two buildings with equally height and column dimensions, the beams of building containing the metal structures are smaller than the beams of concrete buildings in terms of dimension. Dead space in concrete buildings is more created than metal structures’ buildings.

سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی
Materials Cohesion

According to their ingredients, metal structures are homogenous and continuous. In the concrete segments, however, the damages caused by any earthquake are imposed on concrete insulation of rebar and subsequently, some cracks which are uncontrollable will be appeared in.

سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی

Plasticity of metal materials prevents the stress concentration (which is actually the cause of failure) and withstands the impact and dynamic forces, while the concrete materials are extremely weak because of fragility against these forces. Consequently, this factor makes these metal structures are not suddenly destroyed and also, required time will be made available in order to evacuate people and their repair.
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سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی
High resistance

Metal structures’ resistance is high and the resistance to weight ratio are greater than the concrete materials. it is highly important for the large openings in Gable Bents & high-rise buildings, especially buildings situated on loose ground

سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی

The durability of steel structures is excellent. as long as the required precision is considered in maintenance of metal buildings, they can be used for a long time.

سوله های صنعتی , سازه های صنعتی
Installation speed

Implementation and installation speed of metal structures is significantly higher than its speed of concrete segments. Fast completion of work results in timely operation of the project and quicker return of incurred cost.

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 in order to provide the services, industrial structures, metal structures, metal skeleton, to construct the steel deck, Gable bent’s metal structures, metal skeleton of factories, to design the metal structures, to install the structures, weld metal structures, bolts and nuts steel structures, steel structures, structures for steel deck- The new HadidkaranIran Company began to serve seriously and progressed well. By recognizing the needs for the Gable Bent construction industry, it managed to provide the shorter route substituted with costly construction finally.

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