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Installation of industrial shed

نصب سوله

Installation of industrial shed

The installation phase of the industrial shed begins after the transfer of the skeletal parts to the site of the project, by the relevant technicians. The installation phase of the skeleton of the industrial shed, which may be a welding or bolted frame skeleton, must be carefully and detailed and accurately taken into account, so that the so-called skeletons of the planet, i.e. the symmetrical elements and the angles of the components, are proportional. If the installation of the industrial shed skeleton is not carried out by the skilled workers, it has been observed that the size of the skeleton of the industrial shed at the beginning and the end, or the ceiling and the floor are somewhat different, or the angles and corners of the structure differ in degree, which, if installation continued to the same extent, will cause the excessive pressure on the connection points and the risk of destruction after a short time.

Usually the connection of the most parts of an industrial shed is carried out by means of bolts and nuts, and in some cases by welding. Due to the fact that all pieces of the industrial shed are made in the factory and most of the joints are usually flanged, the installation of the industrial shed will end in a few days, which will save a lot of time and expense.

نصب سوله

Features of light industrial shed

This industrial shed does not need any foundation. It is easy to eliminate excavation, leveling, pouring the lean concrete, brickworks for molding, reinforcing, and concrete laying.

Saving Shelf Costs: Removing fundamental will save you significant amount of money. On the other hand, the structure of the industrial shed itself is in such a way that the price of conventional industrial sheds is not competitive with this type of industrial shed.

Shortening the project time: In addition to elimination of foundation, project time becomes much minimized. On the other hand, the structure of our light industrial shed in a very short time is at the place of installation and ready to be exploited.

Earthquake Resistance: Our exclusive styles flexible Structure of industrial shed give the structure a high resistance against earthquakes.

Ability to displacement: These light industrial shed can be easily assembled and rebuilt at a different point. In this respect, it is an exceptional structure for equipping workshops, labor camps, building a camp for companies and institutions.

Possibility to connect the industrial shed from the side and creates halls with a width of 20 meters, 30 meters, etc., multipurpose use of industrial shed. LSF prefabricated industrial shed, Lsf structures advantages


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