Steel roof deck

سقف های عرشه فولادی- سازه های عرشه فولادی

Steel roof deck

Steel roof deck are roofs that are distinguished from other roofs by using two elements of trapezoidal-shaped galvanized steel sheets and cutters used in these types of roof. Of course, using this reinforcement and concrete fixing on this steel plate, this type of roof executes. The main sections of the steel deck composite roofs should be pointed to the required lateral beams among the main structural beams.

Specifications of steel roof deck

  • Remove framing
  • Remove the stringer
  • Remove tensile bars
  • Speed ​​on execution
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Possibility of concreting all floors at the same time
  • The possibility of roof execution from upper to lower floors, as well as the simultaneous execution of roofs
  • Cheap and economical
  • Very effective in building light styling
  • Run speed
  • Quick capital recovery due to speed of execution
  • Easy to carry and maintain, and the lowest workshop stockpile space
  • Approved by the Building and Housing Research Center

Steel deck compound roofs can be applied using trapezoidal galvanized sheets with thicknesses of 0.6-1.5 mm and they have a great role in increasing the distance between the beams to four meters and reducing the weight of the buildings.

Steel used in steel structures is a bundle of steel used as building materials for the construction of structural steel forms. The structural steel shape is a profile that corresponds to a specific section with specific standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Main benefits of steel roof deck

  • Increase the construction speed of steel roof deck

One of the most important and valuable factors in the building industry, which leads to the spreading of the steel deck roof, is the speed of execution and, in return, the rapid capital recovery. The most important advantage of steel roof deck is the increased speed of construction, which has made it popular throughout the world, which is the main reason behind the elimination of framing and shoring.

  • Reduce steel and concrete consumption

The deck optimal selection reduces the slab thickness, the number of beams and the size of the slab reinforcement.

  • Weight Loss

This slab has reduction in relation to other slabs due to the shape and form of the deck up to 30 percent, which decreases with the total weight of the slab, the dimensions, the weight of the beam, the columns and finally, the final load reduces on the foundation.

  • Reduce overall costs

In general, the use of industrialization methods, including the steel deck system, reduces the run-time, the material flow, the current costs, and thus the overall cost reduction of the project.

  • Increased structural safety

The steel deck can play an important role as a supporting element and is designed to re-distribute wind loads during construction.

  • Improve the roof performance during an earthquake

The integrity of these roofs makes it rigidity for earthquakes.

  • Continuity and uniformity of the underlying roof

Steel roof deck have a uniform underlying surface that can be used without any cover in applications such as parking.

  • Reduce shipping costs

By comparing common roofs in the building industry, such as the block joist (metal or concrete joist), reinforced concrete slabs, composite roofs (compound), steel roof deck are one of the safest and most economical roofs used in the construction industry.

سقف های عرشه فولادی

Application of steel roof deck

The steel roof deck is used for various structures using the following:

  • With lightweight cement plates such as LSF and CSF, PBS, LGS.
  • In light prefabricated industrial structures
  • For light and heavy metal skeleton frame structures (modern, traditional, industrial and semi-industrial)
  • For concrete skeleton frame structures, it can be used by removing framing, joist, block and lowering concrete volume roofs. 

Design methods for the steel roof deck

There are basically two general ways to design this type of roof:

  • Steel sheet as Permanent Shuttering
  • Steel sheet as Tensile Component

The mechanics of structural steel analysis and design services. Our professional engineers are working with our steel details to develop an economic design that meets your needs. We focus on designing a safety structure without sacrificing our intended talents and performance.

Execution of Steel Roof deck – Sale of Steel Deck Sheet

Initially, the steel roof deck was designed and used for metal skeleton structures, but it is now possible to execute the roof deck for a concrete skeletons, but it is a bit costly, but it can certainly be done, the method of executing the ceil of the steel deck For metal structures, after the complete installation and construction of the metal structure, it is time that the roof is to be made, and here we intend to use the roof of the steel deck, and the calculations have already

been made by the corresponding engineer.

  1. First, the beams are installed in their proper locations. It is worth mentioning that the beam joist are arranged jointly and can be used for honeycomb beams or sheet beams for this section.
  2. After installing the secondary beams of the steel deck plate, the metal deck is transferred to the location with the specifications indicated on the map and installed in place.
  3. Then special studs, which require specialist equipment, are installed in place according to the standards. It should be noted that the main role of the studs is their cutting, and it makes the roof and lateral beams integral.
  4. Thereafter, a grid of steel mesh is placed across the roof, which has many advantages, including the lack of concrete droplets, the prevention of various concrete cracks, the increase of concrete floor capacity, and so on. Concreting is done at the end.

Among the advantages of this high security and high standard of this type of roof, as compared with other items, the lower weight of this roof than other roofs for the metal structure and the removal of the block and filler materials, the bond between the beams and roof concrete, the simultaneous implementation of several The roof floor together increases the speed of the work, the storage of the steel deck sheet requires a small amount of space, completing the high-standard building identity.


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