Human Resources department and company support services

Human Resources department

“Human resources are the most important asset of an organization, whose effective management is the key to the success of the organization”

The Human Resources department and support services in line with the goals of the company seek to improve the methodology, enhance productivity and empowerment of the personnel, assume an important responsibility including the following items:

   – Planning and carrying out matters related to the selection, recruitment manpower, issuance, notification of orders, missions, personnel information of staff and contractors.

 – Planning, assessment and training needs analysis and adjustment of the annual training program

 – Providing safety equipment and creating a safe environment for staff and observing hygiene and environmental protection and preventing accidents caused by lack of attention to safety regulations and continuous monitoring of safety and environmental considerations and send the necessary reporting to relevant centers.

 – Carry out all employee insurance (social security, civil liability, etc.)

 – Planning of welfare services, motivational, discipline, employee performance evaluation and their treatment measures.

 – Planning in the field of behavior management, work psychology, the development of talents and skills of human resources, the commitment of employees to the organization and communication with staff (interviewing, consulting, etc.) in order to the value creation for the domestic and foreign stakeholders