Steel Industrial Structures

 Steel Industrial Structures

Industrial steel structures have different types of industrial buildings, but what is desired in this article, is one floor building with large openings and sloping roofs that can have overhead cranes.

سازه صنعتی

سازه فولادی


The causes of the skeletal similarity of industrial structures in industrial buildings are common properties, the most important of which are:

  1. Due to the need for large spaces to be exploited, it often seeks to increase the spacing of the columns to the maximum possible extent and thus reduce their number.
  2. Industrial buildings are often one-or two-floor and are rarely constructed on more than one floor. One-story buildings, in turn, are divided into one span and several spans.

سازه فولادی

Conventional steel production occurs when steel producer teams bring steel members to the correct length, and then connect them to each other to build the final structure. It can be done entirely in the construction site or in part of the workshop, in order to create better working conditions and reduce time. Complex steel making happens when steel makers finish steel parts composing and coloring that are later transmitted to the site and simply installed in place. The size of the components is carried by the size of their truck or trailer, usually up to 6 meters (20 feet) for conventional trucks and 12 meters (40 feet) for long trailers. Since the only job done on the site, the members of the steel have been twisted with a crane. Prefabricated buildings are an example of a complex steel construction that is designed, manufactured, carried and installed by the company.

Photometer steel construction is a type of construction that is common for residential and small buildings in North America and European regions. It is similar to a wooden structure, except that steelmaking members use wood instead of two woods. Steel gauge is a steel which is in the form of thin steel plate (1 to 3 mm) in the form of a C-shaped or Z-section.

Lighting section

In some cases, it is necessary that, in the context of the use of the interior space of a multi-span industrial building, the spacing of the columns in the middle rows is more than their distance in the side rows of the building.



In this case, to hold the roof trusses, the secondary trusses, which are installed along the middle columns, and are actually replacing the removed columns is used.

سازه فولادی

Columns and spans Spacing

فاصله ستونها و دهانه سوله ، سازه صنعتی نور گیر

سوله ، سازه صنعتی نور گیر

اسکلت فلزی کارخانجات

Connections in the industrial steel structures

In the steel structures, a single piece of interconnection is needed to connect one or more pieces. Two pieces can be connected by welding; this piece of interface is the same types of connections. Types of connections in the industrial metal buildings are as follows.

  • Types of beam-to-column joints
  • Types of column foot joints
  • Connect two beams together and produce column or double beams
  • Fitting the braces to columns and beams


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