Industrial Steel Structures

Industrial metal structures are durable than other structures and are coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rust. Since drilling, cutting, welding is carried out at the site and is much cheaper and much faster before being sent to the assembly site. The advantages of pre-engineered industrial metal structures are that the panels overlap, which represents better insulation, to keep buildings warm and cool in the summer, as well as to save energy costs. The construction process with a pre-engineered steel building is faster than normal construction.

Advantages of using industrial metal structures

  1. Net weight, large span, solid
  2. Fast implementation of the project and construction
  3. Anti-fire, stainless steel
  4. green building, environmental protection
  5. Quick and convenient installation
  6. saving on manpower

شرکت حدیدکاران ایران

Platform for Industrial Steel Structures

Industrial metal structures are platforms for the steel construction industry, the software platforms for industrial metal structures are mainly connected by screws and welding is not required on the site; the software platforms of steel structures composed by the steel deck, the primary and secondary beam, the pillar, the fence , Stairs, and braids, loading from a platform between 30KN-100KN / M2.

Features of Industrial Steel Structures

  1. Safe, thermal and thermal insulation, anti-fire
  2. Affordable, easy and quick installation, which greatly reduces the construction time.
  3. Durability, easy to maintain, which can be used for more than 50 years
  4. Perfect design, completely prevent water leakage and fire prevention
  5. Load capacity, robust against strong wind and seismic performance and heavy snow loads