Strategic Supervision Department

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Comprehensive Planning and Strategic Supervision Department of the company

  • Project planning using MS PROJECT and PRIMAVERA specialized software and relying on the conclusion of the executive experiences of the completed projects.
  • Use banana curve to more accurately control the progress of projects relative to S-shaped charts
  • Designing efficient methods of production reporting in order to enter data into the system, refining and processing them
  • Designing applications with features: Ability to record reports of all steps of production; Flexibility in registering and reporting different parts with different production processes; Rapid and diverse reporting capabilities (based on any time frame considered; production stations, contractors, projects, Component type, etc.), record all steps of production parts along with the date and the manufacturer’s name , etc.
  • Designing programs for precise control of production, indicating the status of each individual components of each project.
  • Designing the program in order to provide a production plan with characteristics: Automatic production planning for each project individual component, the ability to conduct scheduling at different times intervals, considering the Hold parts for various reasons (material, map, etc.) automatically in the production planning, the production planning of each piece is proportional to the production process of that piece, the presentation of the production plan in proportion to the project schedule, taking into account the priorities of installation components in a project location, etc.
  • Monitor the production process and provide prognostic warnings in order to prevent creating bottleneck and increase the speed of the implementation stages of procedures.
  • Provide weekly reports on the progress of projects and the production situation of components at various production stations
  • Provide packages lists for all domestic and foreign shipments.
  • Designing an automatic calculation program for the status of contractors in order to save time
  • Preparing for the status of the projects in order to be submitted to the employer
تماس از طریق واتساپ
تماس از طریق واتساپ